Battlefield 1 Macro No Recoil/No Spread

Sharing my new scripts for No Recoil, No Spread, Rapid Fire, CrossFire etc.

My settings in game are:

GstRender.FieldOfViewScaleADS 0
GstRender.FieldOfViewVertical 55.000000
GstRender.FieldOfViewVerticalVehicle 55.000000

GstRender.FullscreenRefreshRate 60.000000

Also macro scripts works when only 1 button is pressed, so you have to change in game that you don’t have to keep the right button pressed to zoom (use scope).


Q: Ban chance?
A: Absolutely none, this macro runs from mouse, not software.

Q: Other sensitivity?
A: Cannot change sensitivity, but DPi can change to other value (recommended 2375DPi)

Q: Work for razer ?
A: No

1. KM Lewis Low Weight
Please use 1.25x zoom for the best results in game.
This macro is Full Auto, No recoil with reduced spread of bullets.

2. Selbstlader M1916 Marksman
– 4x zoom is recommended for best results.
This is No recoil and No spread macro, for mid-range.

3. Cei-Rigotti Factory
Recommended zoom is 1.25x
Full auto script with No Recoil and No spread.

4. M1907 SL Sweeper
Recommended zoom 1.25x
Full auto, No Recoil, reduced Spread, rapid fire +8% RPM.

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