How to use WinJect / PerX / Faith

I saw lot of people who don’t be able to use an injector with hacks, so i decided to write a (very little) tutorial for each one.

NOTE: In a first time, I would say thanks to creators of the injectors. And YOU, say thanks to creators of the hack !
All example is for BF1, you can use the injectors for the others hacks.
All injectors are in attachments.


> WinJect <


Run WinJect as administrator.
You can see two boxes now.> First box is for the program .exe (the game)
Second box is for the .dll (the hack)

Start by the second box, and select the hack with the arrow/three points.

Once done, launch the game.
When the game is launched, back to WinJect, and select the game with the arrow into the list, if is not selected yet.
When the game is launched and the hack selected, just press Inject.

Its done ! The hack is in place !

> PerX <

Works ONLY with a x84 system !!!

Run Perx as administrator.

> Program section

Into the box, you have to write the name of the program (same thing, for BF3 its bf3.exe).
… and its all.

Let “Automatically” checked.

> Injections section

Click on “Browse”, and take the hack (the .dll file, downloaded from the hack thread).
… and its all
… again…

After that, launch the game.
PerX will inject automatically the hack.

You’ve done !

> Faith <

Run Faith as administrator.
Click “Add”, and select the hack (again, its the .dll file).

It was easy. Now, its a little more complicated…

You have to launch the game, and go back on Faith.
Click “Process”, then “Process list”.
Find the game in the list, and select it.
Click “Inject”.

Its done.

NOTE FOR ALL: You can right click on the injector, then properties, then compatibility, and check “Run as administrator” to avoid to always select this.


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